Park City, Utah | February 10-12, 2025 | 15th Annual

15th Annual

Hernia Surgery Summit

February 10-12, 2025

Park City, Utah

We are excited to invite you to the 15th Annual Hernia Surgery Summit, a premier event for hernia surgery education. Presented by Columbia Comprehensive Hernia Center and hosted by CineMed, Inc., this conference consistently delivers engaging, thought-provoking discussions led by world-renowned hernia experts.

Surgeons, nurses, and physician assistants attend year after year, drawn by access to key opinion leaders who share case studies, surgical tips and tricks, and a balanced mix of controversial and consensus-driven approaches. This year's agenda will emphasize the expanding role of robotics in hernia surgery. The highly anticipated Morbidity and Mortality session will once again feature esteemed faculty sharing their experiences with surgical complications.

The conference will conclude with the popular Stump the Experts session, where attendees can present their own cases and questions, and even challenge the information presented throughout the meeting.

This event is a must-attend. As one participant from last year stated, "A WHOLE HERNIA conference on practical knowledge!!!! Come on! Doesn't get better than this for a bread-and-butter surgeon!"

Reserve your spot by registering today.

Our conference is highly interactive and family-friendly, with plenty of time to enjoy the slopes. Bring your family and ski gear—formal attire is not required.

About the Event

The reconstruction of abdominal wall defects remains one of the most challenging dilemmas facing surgeons. Congenital, acquired or post traumatic defects all present unique challenges to the reconstructive surgeon. A multitude of surgical techniques and mesh materials is available to improve outcomes in ventral hernia repair. Robotics has become a major component for both routine and complex inguinal and ventral hernia repairs. Even though ventral hernia repair remains one of the most common procedures performed, there is little consensus as to the best surgical technique, prosthetic material of choice, or strategies to repair complex defects.

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